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Patient Transfer Service

  • Free Transfers to ACC related appointments

  • WINZ Payment Card Accepted

  • Disability Parking Permit

  • Wheel Chair Available

  • Door to Door Personal Service

  • Custom Transfers Day or Night

  • Professional, reliable and comfortable transport

  • Servicing Waikato and Taranaki Regions

Our Patient Transfer Service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  You can use this service to arrive safely at any medical appointments. Door to door service for your convenience. No waiting to catch scheduled shuttles or buses, or traveling to those pick up locations. We're ready when you are!

A professional private service to get you where you need to be. The service is all about you and your well-being. We'll be there when you're done with your appointment and transfer you home again safely. 

  • FREE ACC Transfers - If you are unable to drive yourself to your ACC related appointment or your usual means of transport is not available you can request through your ACC case manager to book a transport service to get you there.  Once approved all you have to do is book your transport with us, BL Tourism Group Ltd and it's sorted!  We'll do the rest. We are an ACC approved transport provider. 

  • WINZ Payment cards accepted - We are registered with WINZ to accept payment cards. So if you get credit loaded onto your card for transport costs we can now easily accept payment.  You may have to get a quote for travel costs from us first. Please call us, text us or email us to get a quote for travel.

  • Wheel Chair - We can provide a wheel chair with our service if you require one for no extra charge.

For more information or to request a quote

please call us, text us or email us any time!

BL Tourism Group Ltd - Private Transport
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