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About BL Tourism Group

aka Real New Zealand Adventures

In 2011 we founded BL Tourism Group with the vision of providing a New Zealand tourism experience like no other. Since 2011 BL Tourism Group has grown to 8 Stand alone companies.(see below) We focus on giving our customers a unique experience where we showcase the REAL New Zealand, heading away from mainstream activities, but if you're a fan you still have to include a Hobbit Tour!   ​But in 2020 our world crashed down around us as it did for many businesses and we closed down Roselands, the tourism based restaurant at Waitomo Caves which was the hub for everything and moved to Taranaki to regroup and figure out what to do next. ​We opened Patient Transport Service while New Zealand borders were closed to tide us over in the meantime. ​Stepping back from the 7 day a week businesses gave us time to rest and reflect on our values and we decided to focus on our family life more. ​We still offer our bespoke Real New Zealand Adventure tours but have downscaled everything else to allow for more family time and making YouTube videos.

Benn and Leonie Whitehead


20 years tourism experience 

BL Tourism Group History 2011 BL Tourism Group Founded  2011 Roselands Farm Park was opened  2011 Waitomo hole in one golf challenge opened   2012 Purchased Roselands Restaurant Farm and Garden  2013 Rebranded Roselands Restaurant Farm and garden to Roselands Waitomo Caves  2013 Roselands Chalet Accommodation opened 2013 Roselands Scenic helicopter flights opened 2015 Roselands Waitomo Caves became the first restaurant to be qualmark endorsed  2015 Roselands Sheep Shearing Experience opened 2016 Stage one of Roselands Campground Opened  2016 Roselands Restaurant undergoes a refurbishment and renovations increase capacity to 520 seats 2016 Roselands conference room opens 2016 Waitomo Clay Shooting opened  2016 Founded Offroad Waitomo  2016 Real New Zealand Adventures Bespoke Tours opened 2017 Waitomo Caves Tours and transfers opened 2020 BL Tourism Group Taranaki Base opened. 2020 Real New Zealand Adventures YouTube Journey begins 2021 Patient Transport Service was opened

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